Unicel C-9415 Pool Replacement Filter Cartridge

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Alford | Lynch filter cartridges ensure crystal clear, sparkling clean water. Our filters are manufactured using superior fabric over standard cartridges. They are tested to meet rigid quality standards to ensure you are receiving the best possible solution for your pool or spa.

Additionally, our filters capture more bacteria, are low maintenance and have a longer life than ever before providing pool and spa owners with peace of mind to sit back, relax and focus on enjoying your time in the pool.

Important Specifications for Unicel C-9415 Cartridge

  • Diameter: 10 1/16”, 256mm
  • Length: 31 ⅛”, 791mm
  • Tap Hole: 6”, 152mm
  • Bottom Hole: 6”, 152mm
  • Material Area: 150sq feet, 13 sq metres
  • Material Weight: 4, 135

Compatible Pool Filters

  • Filbur FC-0687
  • Pleatco PAP150 / Clean & Clear 150 / R173216 / 59054300
  • Pentair 590543 / Clean & Clear 150 / R173216 / 59054300

Compatible Pool Brands

  • Filbur
  • Pleatco
  • Pentair


  • Diameter 10 1/16 ” 256 mm
  • Length 31 3/8 ” 797 mm
  • Top Hole 5 7/8 ” 152 mm
  • Bottom Hole 6 “
  • Material Area 150 Sq feet 13 Sq metres
  • Material Wt 4 135

How to find a replacement cartridge for your pool or spa?

  1. Measure the outside diameter of the filter cartridge in inches (+/- 1/16th).
  2. Measure cartridge length from end cap to end cap (+/- 1/16th). Exclude any handles or extensions.
  3. Identify the correct top and bottom type. If the top and/or bottom is open, measure the inside diameter of the opening (+/- 1/16th). If the end cap is closed make note of its identifying features (i.e. “Handle”, “Cone”, etc.).
  4. Make note of the manufacturer and model number of the filter into which the replacement cartridge will be installed.
  5. Take note whether or not there is a centre core (PVC pipe in centre).
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