Since 1973, Waterway has provided pool filters, spa filters, cartridges and more to customers worldwide. Their extensive range of cartridges for hot tubs, spas and pools can be expensive.

In our costly modern world, we must all do our part to try and save some bucks wherever we can. If you need a replacement filter at an accessible price, we can help! For whichever water filter you may need, we have a corresponding Alford & Lynch cartridge that will not only fit your model perfectly, but with the guaranteed exceptional quality that Alford & Lynch is known for.

If you feel restricted by pricing when it comes to replacing the filters of your Waterway hardware, Alford & Lynch is the answer you’ve been looking for. All of our filters are exactly compatible with their Waterway counterparts, meaning that you can have excellent water filters for an excellent price.
Contact us today to order your top-quality replacement filter, and you can feel confident that you’re getting the best water filters possible!

Waterway Spa Filter Cartridges

At the end of a long day, why not treat yourself to a relaxing spa evening, or a soothing hot-tub soak? There’s nothing more irritating than preparing to indulge in some spa treatment, only to find out that your spa’s cartridges and filters need to be replaced. Our compatible filters for your spas and hot-tubes are made with NSF approved materials and abide by all safety and certificate standards: so your saving money doesn’t mean that you’re compromising on quality.

Don’t just treat yourself, treat your spa too!

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Waterway 817-0050 Pool Replacement Filter Cartridge

£ 20.79£ 74.84

Waterway 817-2500 Hot Tub Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge

£ 16.26£ 58.53

Waterway 817-4050 Hot Tub Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge

£ 22.60£ 81.36

Waterway 817-5000 Hot Tub Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge

£ 19.88£ 71.58

Waterway Plastics 817-3501 Hot Tub Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge

£ 16.26£ 58.53

Waterway Pro Clean 175 Pool Replacement Filter Cartridge

£ 67.89£ 244.41
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