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Darlly SC757 40508 Hot Tub Spa Replacement Filter Cartridge

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Pleated filters are more structurally stable than non pleated and also maximise the effectiveness of your filter by exposing contaminants to an increased surface area. With more high durability fabric to sift out unwanted particles you can rest easy knowing your water will be clear for the lifetime of the product.

Important Specifications for Darlly SC757 40508 Cartridge

  • Diameter: 5”, 127mm
  • Length: 13 3/16”, 335mm
  • Tap Hole: Handle
  • Bottom Hole: 1 ½” Female SAE
  • Material Area: 50 sq feet, 5 sq metres
  • Material Weight: 3, 101

Compatible Hot Tub Spa Filters

  • Unicel 4CH-949
  • Filbur FC-0172
  • Pleatco PWW50L
  • Waterway 817-4050
  • Darlly SC757 / 40508
  • Teleweir 50
  • Rising Dragon RD50 / RD800-2110
  • Angel Spa FIL-PRB50-AVIS
  • Sunrise Spas R9026104

Compatible Hot Tub Spa Brands

  • Unicel
  • Filbur
  • Pleatco
  • Waterway
  • Darlly
  • Teleweir
  • Rising Dragon
  • Angel Spa
  • Sunrise Spas

Washable Pleats

Extend the life and increase efficiency of your filter by cleaning it with a gentle stream of water. When you’re filling your pool, remove and rinse your filter at the same time! Do not use high pressure hoses or abrasive brushes as this can damage the filter. Tier1 also offers a Pool Filter Wand Brush that attaches to the end of any standard garden hose.

Sand and Sediment Reduction

Keep your pool clean and pump free from sand and sediment that would otherwise cause damage or even lead to equipment failure.

High Chlorine End Caps

Reinforced end caps are break resistant and are highly resistant to chemicals commonly found in pool and spa applications.

Alford & Lynch only uses Lead-free and BPA free materials. Assure you of safe and no-worry happy times.

How to find a replacement cartridge for your pool or spa?

  1. Measure the outside diameter of the filter cartridge in inches (+/- 1/16th).
  2. Measure cartridge length from end cap to end cap (+/- 1/16th). Exclude any handles or extensions.
  3. Identify the correct top and bottom type. If the top and/or bottom is open, measure the inside diameter of the opening (+/- 1/16th). If the end cap is closed make note of its identifying features (i.e. “Handle”, “Cone”, etc.).
  4. Make note of the manufacturer and model number of the filter into which the replacement cartridge will be installed.
  5. Take note whether or not there is a centre core (PVC pipe in centre).
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