Clearwater Foam Remover 1 Litre Chemicals Cleaner Ch0007 Lay Z Spa Pool & Hot Tub

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Clearwater Foam Remover 1Litre Ch0007, Lay Z Spa Pool & Hot Tub Chemical Cleaner

The ClearWater Foam Remover has been formulated for use in Bestway above‑ground pools and Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tubs to control and prevent foaming, regardless of the cause, and help to return the water to a crystal clear appearance.

Pool or hot tub foam is generally caused by shampoo, deodorants, detergents and sometimes a person’s natural body oils. Showering before entering the hot tub or pool can sometimes help to alleviate foaming, however, foaming can also be a normal symptom of chemicals that are used to treat and keep your water healthy, therefore it is sometimes unavoidable.

How do I use Clearwater Foam Remover in my pool or hot tub?

‑ Shake bottle before use
‑ Measure the quantity Foam Remover needed (50ml per 1000litres)
‑ Apply directly into the water with the AirJets on

As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings included with the product should be carefully followed.

  • Controls and prevents foaming
  • Helps give your water a crystal clear appearance
  • Suitable for use in any pool or hot tub
  • Tackles foaming regardless of its cause
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