Clearwater Chlorine Tablets Mini Multifunction 50 x 20g Hot Tub

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Clearwater 1kg Multifunction Tablets are an incredibly simple way to maintain clear and hygienic pool water. The water treatment tablets should be used with a Bestway 5in Chemical Floater or feeder such as ChemConnect, which slowly releases them into a pool to keep it consistently clean. It’s a wonderful way to maintain healthy water if you have a busy schedule or are spending a weekend away.

The swimming pool tablets benefit an above ground pool in many ways. As well as containing chlorine, which kills bacteria and other ghastly organisms by disinfecting water, the tablets also contain an algaecide solution. Many pool owners only use algaecide when algae has invaded their pool but water treatment tablets are a fantastic way to kill algae before it has become visible to the naked eye.

Another great advantage of the multifunction pool tablets is that they contain a water clarifier. Some debris and particles that find their way into water, such as dead skin and algae, are too small to be trapped by a swimming pool’s filter system. Clarifier contains flocculants, which bind particles together so that a filter can trap them, producing clean and sparkly water that’s an absolute joy to frolic around in.

As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be carefully read and followed. Thankfully the container of 1kg Multifunction Mini Tablets is clearly labelled with warnings and precautions that should be heeded at all times. You can also find safety information and details on using chemicals on the Lay‑Z‑Spa® Chemical Advice page.

Features :
Includes 50 x 20g tablets
Suitable for pools less than 15ft & hot tubs
Packaged dimensions: H 18cm
Directions of usage:
  • Adjust PH levels to the ideal range of 7.2-7.6 to promote bather comfort, plant protection and effective chemical usage
  • The tablets are designed for usage with floating dispensers or suitable chlorine feeders
  • Tablets erode slowly over a period of 3-5 days (depending on the water flowing over them)
  • Ideal chlorine levels are between: Pools 1-3mg/I (ppm); Spas 3-5mg/I (ppm) as tested by test kit or strips.
  • Please note: May cause respiratory irritation, eye irritation, harmful if swallowed
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