Clearwater CH0005 PH Plus Increaser for Swimming Pool and Spa Treatment

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Clearwater CH0005 PH Plus Increaser for Swimming Pool and Spa Treatment


Bestway Clearwater 1 kg pH Plus allows you to adjust your pools alkalinity with ease. Avoid the itchy eyes and irritated skin that are caused by a drop in the levels of pool acidity.

The recommended pH balance of pool water is between 7.2 and 7.6 (you can test pH levels using Clearwater Dip Test Strips, which are available on the Bestway Chemicals section of the website). When pH levels drop below 7.2 acidity increases and pH treatment needs to be applied.

Pool alkalinity can be altered by any number of factors: Leaves, insects, personal cosmetics. With the effects that too much or too little can have – the Bestway Clearwater 1 kg ph Plus is a should have chemical for any home pool set up.

As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be followed and heeded very carefully.
Clearwater CH0012 25 Dip Test Strips for Swimming Pool and Spa Treatment
Bestway Clearwater 25 x Dip Test Strips are the ideal tools for quickly and easily assessing your pool’s chemical levels. Maintaining a good balance of chemicals is important for keeping your pool hygienic and looking ideal.

Using the Dip Strips couldn’t be easier. Just dip one in the pool or spa, quickly remove it and hold horizontally. Check the results against the handy diagram on the bottle.

The Bestway Clearwater Dip Strips are also capable of indicating the waters pH and Total Alkalinity levels making them a one stop shop for monitoring your pool chemicals.

Chlorine levels inside an above ground pool should be 1 – 3 ppm (3 – 5 ppm for spas), pH levels should be 7.2 – 7.6 and total alkalinity levels should measure 80 – 100 ppm or 100 – 120 ppm, depending on the chemical solutions used to treat a pool.


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