Clearwater Full Set Pool Starter Kit Water Treatment And Testing Chemicals CH0017


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Clearwater Pool Starter Kit Full Set Water Treatment And Testing Chemicals



 ClearWater Pool Starter Kit is ideal for Pool owners to keep water clean and healthy for use. 

It contains essential chemicals for maintaining water and prevent algae. Clearwater Swimming Pool Starter Kit is great for transforming a grimy pool into a clean and healthy swimming environment.



The chemical starter kit contains a 500g container of rapid-dissolving Chlorine Granules which disinfect pool water, eliminate bacteria and kill harmful organisms by producing free active chlorine (FAC). The starter kit also includes a 500ml bottle of Algaecide, which prevents the build-up of algae. Test Strips are also included and can be used to check the alkalinity, chlorine and pH levels of pool water. PH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.6. The Starter Kit contains a 500g container of pH Plus and a 700g container of pH minus, which can decrease or increase pH levels.

Chemicals are also suitable for use with Spa’s!


Pool Starter Kit Includes:

 500g Chlorine Granules for disinfection of water

500g pH Plus for increasing pH levels of water

700g pH Minus for decreasing pH levels of water

500ml Algaecide for preventing and controlling algae

25 Test Strips for testing alkalinity, chlorine and pH levels

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